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There are books, exhibits, experts, and websites for and by people who are obsessed with sneakers.And there is no shortage of ways to quantify how ginormous the sneakerverse is.The vast majority of us will never own an Expressionist or an Old Master or even a new master. Maybe it’s because Drake (and everybody else) can’t stop letting us know what sneakers he’s wearing on Instagram.Maybe it’s because the sneaker industry figured out how to make a billion different models and colorways so that each pair feels like it’s one of a kind.You can always count ROI in terms of compliments received. "Drizzy's Shoe Game Is Unstoppable" is an Internet headline you’re as likely to read as any these days.Now Drake probably isn't buying as an investment (he makes his money in other ways), but he does have darn good taste.There's a vibrant market for reselling popular and rare sneakers.

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"There can be a lot of hidden costs that newcomers might not think of that can eat away potential profits—taxes, e Bay fees, Pay Pal fees, shipping fees, buying at post-retail prices," he says.Capsule: The two Toronto locations stock everything you need from Nike, Air Jordan and beyond.Courtside Sneakers: Check out the Jordans and Nike Women's at their locations in New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia.Or that in 2014, Michael Jordan made more from being part of the Jordan Brand (0 million USD) than he did as a player during the entirety of his career ( million USD).But sneaker companies are different from other companies with billion dollar market caps.

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