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The whole concept is probably an artifact from the days of radio, when, lacking title graphics, shows needed a memorable speech at the beginning to identify themselves to listeners.Sometimes, a show's first episode will start with a Cold Opening, and in every episode thereafter the Opening Narration will take its place.The remake's star Rosemarie De Witt couldn't agree more."I mean they rip it off constantly in the horror genre," she says.The content is similar to the expository type of theme tune.Usually, these monologues do not change much over the course of a series, though some shows do revise them from season to season.Last year alone he starred in four film projects, including Lynn Shelton's romantic comedy Laggies, and the comedy drama Better Living Through Chemistry alongside Olivia Wilde, Jane Fonda and Ray Liotta.This year, Rockwell has another four slated for release, including the remake of seminal horror movie, Poltergeist.

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Unfortunately, Don's job as a 'biblical archaeologist' comes very much shrouded in comical 'air quotes' as he earns a bit of cash here and a bit of cash there in his attempts to uncover and sell works of art with biblical history in exchange for a quick buck.

But for one family, the perfect house may not be all that they first thought.

The Bowen family, Eric (Sam Rockwell), Amy (Rosemarie De Witt), Kendra (Saxon Sharbino), Griffin (Kyle Catlett) and young Madison (Kennedi Clements) are in for a terrifying surprise, when they discover that their estate was built upon the sight of an ancient graveyard.

2015 has seen rather a few horror movies, but it has to be noted that only a handful of them are worth your time..

Sam Rockwell plays father Eric Bowen in a remake of the 1980s classic, Poltergeist However, if he could be accused of appreciating one particular kind of film it may be the horror kind as he steps into the remake of the 1980s horror classic, A read-through of Sam Rockwell's resume‚ is like a read-through of the best of American cinema.

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