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I'm a correction artist who's trying to build up their portfolio.This sketchbook will focus primarily on: lighting, color theory, and perspective.It can be pushed even further with the things I've mentioned above. The one thing would be the chroma and hue, the lights(on the heads) are somewhat warmer than the green yellow you used.

I'm not exactly sure what a correct artist is, so you'll have to fill me in on that.I would heavily appreciate in-depth and thorough critiques of what I'm doing correctly and what could use improvement, thanks!Also, sometimes CA takes a while to have bulky posts approved.Unlike the first one, this one didn't use any references beyond a quick glance at a figure I had and the light source.The figure was too glossy to use for a clearer reading of lighting so I imagined it to be more of a matte texture (like the rabbit) so I could practice a clearer read.

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