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Here in Manassas, VA it is currently 11 degrees at 430 in the afternoon.

Today I was in our local Food Lion where the cashiers were working close to the entrance/exit doors in long sleeved t-shirts and blue fingers.

My last episode was so bad that I retrieved the 1-800 number from the Asst Mgr and called it while I was still in the parking lot.

I have asked for his help several times with a sense of negative response and attitude.

I have had a great relationship with most employees and previous manager Mr. But the new manager, in my eyes, doesn’t qualify to be an Employee, let alone a Store Manager.

But I believe that my experience with Food Lion shows one of major concern and repair.

He did all of this without conducting any research.

He truly displayed a sense of annoyance from me just asking for help. I patron Food Lion often, sometimes as much as 3 times a week.

I saw the manager stocking on the same row where the baking goods were.

I told him that I was glad to see him and asked for his help.

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