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Well, what did you expect from Fedderman, certainly not the truth. He kept all the 0,000 Dan Onorato Pittsburgh money fur himself and bought a new black truck with tax money of others.

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Dorothy will allow the tall mouthy lady to take the Lords name in vain and push all of you going around.

The food from out the Costco back door in West Homestead Dorothy and all favored, like in dirty politics will take, while everyone else gets scraps. Only ignorant, hate-filled Christians that have no understanding of Jesus think they're mutually exclusive. I would look at the nail salon, there might be some in there getting a pedicure or manicure.

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Isnt there a club on Penn Ave where the homos sniff them inhalants and die? Click to enlarge Police found a man from Youngstown dead of a possible drug overdose in the one of the rooms in Club Pittsburgh.(File)KDKA1 of 1Closenum Slides of total Images Related Stories Questions Raised About Club Pittsburgh (1/8/2009)The KDKA Investigators have learned police and the Allegheny County District Attorney are investigating possible criminal charges in the death of a man at a Pittsburgh gay mens club.

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    Tom attended Reed's School and Tower House School, before studying drama at Richmond Drama School and then the Drama Centre, London.

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